A surreal motion poem, created with the intention to function as a mesmerising, slow-paced piece of surreal imagery. The look and feel adapted over time, as new elements came into fruition. It evolved with every new shot rendered. For example, snails embody a sense of patience and time, which ties into the juxtaposition by the coins which later replace it, which represents wealth and greed.

As we rose from the ashes,
sparking entities bygone.
With all their dreams and hopes I share.
They are never quiet. Never.
I only dare to answer:
I am the goddess of the void.
I feel ancient, I feel tired.
So I turn around in wonder... see a future concealed, a future pale.
And then I vanish.

Sound design by Oliver Salkic.

Voice/vocals by Victoria Ward.

Poem by Cornel Swoboda & Ron Weaver.

And Then I Vanish’ is a surreal motion poem, which started as a passion project. I tried to restrict myself by some rules, e.g. only using portraits and close-ups and maintaining the same light direction. Everything was created in Cinema4D, with the postproduction being done in After Effects.