A fever dream of sweat, gold and Synthwave music.
Oligarchs is a retro-futuristic, transhumanistic concept utilising photogrammetry and 3D kitbashing techniques.
A love letter to the bulky low-tech aesthetics of the 80s.
A synergy of naked bodies wrapped in beautiful metals.  
When Cyberpunk meets fashion film and modern art.

The year 1988, Neo Berlin Art Precinct.
An aged mobster is cheated by his trophy wife.
A government executive vanishes.
A secret has been stolen.
A girl is on the run.     
A data bird holds a valuable recording.
A self proclaimed prophet's plan unfolds.  
But on this day, the whole system is turned upside down as the powers shift.

Sound design by Sean Crowley - www.seancrowleymusic.com



Oligarchs being displayed at Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo, as part of the SuperRare campaign, 2021


Oligarchs was created by kitbashing mechanical parts onto photogrammetry models. Redshift was used as the render engine of choice to get those translucent skin shaders right, which were mostly driven by custom texture maps. Separate Light passes were rendered to be able to add and art direct the flickering lighting in post. Render times varied between 2 and 5 minutes per frame.